Whole Grilled Bhetki
Fresh whole bhetki marinated in robust spices and grilled to your liking. Choose your own sauce and sides to go with this fresh pick from our aquarium to your plate
Grilled Fish in Orange Chilli Citrus
Fresh fillets cured in citrus juices ,spiced with chilli peppers and then grilled to perfection. The grilledseabass fillet is topped with an orange chilli citrus sauce and balsamic red wine reduction. Served with herb rice & Greek salad.A sweet, chilli n spicy grilled Spanish seafood delicacy.
Malaysian Mixed Sea Food Curry with Glass Noodles and Vegetables
Traditional Malaysian mixed seafood curry served with vermicelli glass noodles and sautéed vegetables. A coconut based curry infused with fragrant lemon grass, oriental spices and shrimp paste.
Chicken Irani Kebab
Mildly spiced succulent chicken pieces barbequed with olive oil, fenugreek and egg white. A kebab delicacy from Iran-the land of kebabs.
Grilled Crab
Olive oil, butter and garlic generously brushed on large fresh crabs and grilled in the oven until golden brown. The juicy meaty crabs can be accompanied with your choice of sauce tossed in and any 2 sides listed in the menu.
Spinach Ricotta Cous cous cannelloni
A cylindrical type of pasta baked with a filling of spinach, ricotta cheese and couscous. Generous amounts of mozzarella and parmesan melted over alongwithnapoli sauce.
The Mezze Platter
This is a unique Ocean Grill delicious snack tray is a popular way to start a meal in spanning cultures across the Middle East and beyond...Tasty meaty grills can follow. Innovation by the Chef in Ocean Grill's Kitchen.
Romani Mahi Tikka
Boneless char-grilled fish cubes marinated in lemon juice and ginger garlic paste and chargrilled in the tandoor oven.
Chargrilled Octopus
Marinated octopus pieces seared on all sides until it is tender and cooked through with a great char on the outside. Choose your choice of sauce and sides to go with this seafood delicacy.
Tandoori Lamb Racks with Saffron Rice and Spiced Onion Salad
Indian spice rubbed and tenderised lamb racks seared hot and cooked in the tandoor in a way to seal in the juices and to give it a nice crusty surface. Best paired with the aromatic house pilaf and spiced onion rings.
Lamb Tower/Involtini
Lamb slices rolled into bundles and served on sweet potato mash, sautéed mushroom & grilled veges topped wthredwine jus.
Stir fried annister Lamb
Lamb slices cooked with star anise, cinnamon & our special annister based sauce and sirfired. Served with fragrant jasmine rice or garlic noodles.
TiramisuApopular coffee flavoured italian dessert with sponge fingers soaked in espresso, layered with sweet mascarpone cheese, topped with cocoa and grated chocolate.
Super Spicy Mongolian Chilli Fish
Crispy Beer Battered Fish n Chips or Super Spicy Mongolian Chillifish.. there is something for everybody!! If the gloomy weather is getting you down, treat yourself to some unique world-inspired delicacies at Ocean Grill !
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