“There is no love sincerer than the love of food," George Bernard Shaw said. Judging by the number of amazing dishes out there, he was right. 

At Ocean Grill, we have added the best dishes from around the world to our Menu and some of our signature dishes include :

Cottage Cheese Steak
Grilled cottage cheese layered with green peas and broccoli pate served with salad green and smoked paprika sauce.
Scallion Crepes
Crepes stuffed with carrot, mushroom, philadelphia and goat cheese. Served with vegetable ragout and saffron cream sauce.
Herb Crusted Oven Baked Bhetki
Marinated bhetki fillets coated with mixed herb, garlic andcrumbs is lightly fried and then oven baked. Served on roasted vegies andcherry tomato ragout.
Chicken Pepponata
Pepponatachicken rolled with spinach, bell pepper and cheese served with carrot mash and roasted vegetables.
Lamb Steak
Steak grilled lean lamb fillet served with fondant potato, sauteed vegetables & roasted garlic androsemary creamy sauce.
French dessert pastry balls filled with cream chantele and garnished with a chocolate sauce.The puffs are piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel.
Spinach wrapped cous cous served on fennel stew
This Mediteranean wrap is a vegetarian speciality from our World-Inspired a la carte menu!! This herb packed wrap can be stuffed with chicken tenders as well as cous cous for the meat lovers.
Grilled Fish in Orange Chilli Citrus
Grilled seabass fillet topped with an orange chilli citrus sauce and balsamic red wine reduction. Served with herb rice & Greek salad. A sweet, chilli n spicy grilled delicacy form our world-inspired a la carte menu.
Lamb Involtini
Served on sweet potato mash, sauteed mushrooms and grilled Mediteranean veges. Topped with red wine jus. This is our latest tweak to the famous lamb steaks recipe at Ocean Grill !! Words don't describe it all and we think its a must try!! Discover lip-smacking delicacies from across the oceans in our world-Inspired A la carte menu.
Tandoori Lamb Racks
A deliciously flavoured lamb dish served with aromatic house pilaf and salad.
Cous Cous Wrapped Spinach Mediterranean Style
Couscous tossed in arugula pesto wrapped with spinach served on fennel stew.
Fish Begum Bahara
Mouth wateringbengali fish preparation cooked in a paste of poppy seeds, cashews and mixed spices. Best paired with steamed rice ,pulao or naans.
Seafood Platter (Regular/ With Lobster)
Prawns, squid, octopus, mussels, sea bass, clams and crab cooked to your liking (chargrilled / grilled / smoked / poached /oven baked, tandoori)with your choice of sauce and served with herb rice and garlic bread.
Chicken Sultani Kebab
Kebabwell-marinated, juicy and flavourful skewers of char-broiled chicken& ground lamb.
Lamb Massaman Curry
Juicy & tender lamb pieces cooked in massaman curry paste (a rich thai curry paste) & coconut milk served with jasmine rice or noodles & a side salad.
Mixed Berry Cheese Cake
Juicy berries and a tangy sauce gives a tasty twist to the classic creamy cheese cake.
Bhetki Begum Bahar
A rich fragrant curry made from cumin, poppy seeds, cashew nuts and raisins paste is our most popular flavor of Bengali Cuisine !! Exclusive dishes to choose from our elaborate World-Inspired A la Carte.
Lamb Massaman Curry
Juicy & tender lamb pieces cooked in massaman curry paste (a rich thai curry paste fragrant of strong spices, garlic,lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, shallots & coconut milk) served with sromatic jasmine rice or noodles & a side salad. This super delicious curry is one of the most popular curries from our world-inspired a la carte menu.
Fresh Basa on the Grill
From our aquarium to your plate) - healthy and incredibly delicious.
Warm Greek-style Lamb Salad
This is not just a weight-watcher's recipe !! Superrrrr delicious combination of tender marinated lamb, Greek feta, crisp salad and toasted pita.

Greek Caesar Salad - unique combination of lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, olives, feta & fresh herbs creates this delicious gourmet salad
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